Monday, April 20, 2009

He's back and more later

I'm on my break, at work. My son returned 2 hours later.

He's trying to cold turkey off suboxone. Not smart. Hence, his belligerence.

He's clean. He says he almost used, but that the thought evaporated.

He gave me his car keys. We talked.

I'm the Monstery. I pick on him.

Addicts... sometimes I feel that they are the most selfish people on the planet. Then again, the need to use overpowers anything else.

We're on "good" for now.

More later...


Leslie said...

What a rollercoaster we ride.

Subs. I'm not sure how I feel about them. My son has taken them for the better and for the worse. He's used them to mask his using when he knew he would be tested. They are a wonderful tool, but like many substances, they can be abused too.

Understanding comes so hard at times.

SuboxoneMom said...

Wow, going off Subs cold turkey is not anything I would try for a second time. I would rather go thru the withdrawals from my drug of choice (opiates). I jumped off Subs at 1mg every other day. It didn't hit until about the 4th day, but when those w/d's hit, it was PURE HELL. May I ask who is advising him and prescribing him the Suboxone? And at what mg he is down to? It took me about 6 months of weaning from that 1mg every other day until my last Sub dose.

In any event, Godspeed my friend.