Sunday, April 19, 2009

...and the devil makes me eat my words. Brian is gone, again.

My son has peeled out of th driveway in his car-- suspended license and no insurance. He won't answer his cellphone.

What happened?

During the week, there are no problems with my son living with us-- for the most part. He comes home, naps, eats dinner, helps to clean the kitchen. He reads a book.

Weekends are another matter. He sleeps in late, smokes cigarettes, watches TV, lives in his pajama and eats whatever is in the kitchen.

He doesn't have any money-- he makes $200.00 a week, and he's paying off his debts. He's almost debt-free.

I had much to say, but my husband just found foil and a straw.


Dad & Mom said...

I'm sorry, I have begun to hate weekends too.

Lou said...

It's a very long haul. Unfortunately, we are along till the finish..much as we try to disassociate.

Stay strong.