Saturday, July 17, 2010

A visit to the Emergency Room - Another Guardian Angel Moment

Happy Summer Everyone,

I've been keeping a very low profile, mainly because I have an entirely new job position in my school district. I'm working a split shift-- that means I'm up at 6:30am, out the door at 8:15 am.  Most nights, I don't return home until 9:45am, because I live 52 miles round-trip from work.  So, I have four hours to "kill" during the day. I schedule doctor appointments, run errands, go to a matinee.  I might take on a second job, but that's not decided yet.  I've been really praying for my son that God would give my son the hope and desire to want to take better care of himself. He doesn't manage his diabetes very well. He still smokes (I hate smoking anyway).  He's working two jobs, and he's paying his rent, car insurance and a portion of his methadone. We are subsidizing the expensive. 

My son called me at 6:30pm.  He was in the Emergency Room.  Apparently, he was feeling very ill.  His heart was beating out of his chest and he was having trouble breathing. Thankfully, his boss insisted he go to the fire department (next door).  The paramedics wanted to rush him, by ambulance. My son got a ride, instead, from a coworker.   The timing was lousy when he called, only because I had made a big dinner and had a guest. We had each enjoyed two cocktails.  There was no way we could drive, for fear of a DUI.  No, we weren't intoxicated in anyway, but I NEVER drink and drive.  We had to wait for a couple hours, but my son was speaking coherently.

When we got to the hospital, my son was admitted.  His blood sugars were off the charts and he was in ketoacidosis.  He was a very lucky young man, that he didn't go into cardiac arrest. I worried that my son doesn't have insurance. Fortunately, there is financial aid. This is a beautiful and award winning hospital.
I can only hope and pray that this is God's answer to prayer... that my son will tap into the system that will provide his needed insulin. He is almost out of what we stockpiled.  I also pray that my son will receive how important it is to manage his diabetes. He is lazy about testing, taking his insulin and eating healthier.  He will also get methadone from the hospital, so he won't miss his dose.

God has my son's back.  Thank you, Father!

Hopefully, B will be discharged in the morning.  How I pray he will make the choice to honor his body, and take care of it. 

How is my son?  I bite my tongue, as much as I can.  I can only hope and pray he will stop saying "you know how I roll..." and instead decided to step up and make changes.  I think he suffers from depression.  

There is nothing I can say or do that will make my son change.  It is all for him to do.  As a mom, it's hard to hold back with my bits of wisdom. Sometimes, I slip and criticize how much he procrastinates.

I have to remember...he's an immature 21. He's a drug addict. He's a diabetic. 

Is he clean?  My husband doesn't think so.  As a mom, I can only hope so.

Only my son and his dad knows for sure.

Thank you Father, for your Grace and Mercy on my son.  I pray that my son will know that you have spared him time and time again, because you love him and you have a plan for him.


Barbara said...

Debby, I am so glad to hear that he got medical attention and is okay! I hope he takes his health more seriously from this point on. Thanks for the update. All we can do is keep hoping and praying.

A Mom's Serious Blunder said...

Thank goodness he is ok and ended up in that hospital because it could have been VERY costly. I am so glad he is ok.

A Mom's Serious Blunder said...

Can I ask you a question? Why do we all start out with the best intentions and have them sign contracts and say we are going to drug test them and then when we suspect something is up we never test them? I can not tell you how many times I have made bargains and contracts with my son and never really followed through. I want to make it clear that this is not a judgement of any kind, I honestly want to know why we are incapable of following through??? If I had to search for a reason deep down I would say it is because if we test him and he fails we HAVE to follow ignorance is bliss. We can remain oblivious and just guess and then we don't actually have to do anything about it. I really hate the addiction part of my life sometimes.

kelly said...

I am very happy to see you can find a guardian angle in the situation. It helps to have such a positive attitude. I hope your son is ok and looks at it the same way you do.