Saturday, July 12, 2008

I haven't abandoned my blog

I am on vacation, and I'm very thankful to have a month to myself. I appreciate getting up in the morning, to a quiet house...a quiet cup of coffee...some quiet time to just talk to God... to take care of phone calls and paperwork that needs private time to take care of.

I will be back, but right now-- I think I need to take a break from focusing on my son's addiction.

For now, I do believe he is doing well. I do believe that he's clean. He has been at my home, for the last three nights. I feel like I have my son back-- the wonderful, sweet and loving son that I used to know.

I'm amazed that he chooses to hang out with person he used to lash out at. We've had many opportunities, in these last three days, to talk about how addiction. He has admitted to be what a jerk he was to me. He's been apologizing for all that he's put me through...his materialism...his selfish me was constantly working me for money.

I will blog more, later. Thanks for checking in with me-- to those of you who are checking my blog.

I have lost my desire to write, but that will come back. I think I'm going through my own "detox". Detox from the stress of work, my son and just life's struggles.

I found myself feeling spiritually weak-- I missed too much church, and I'm back.

My son is here, so I need to go.


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