Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Taking deep breaths...

48 hours, and no dramas. All is quiet on the Western Front.

Seriously, I am focusing on my work, coming home, cooking dinner and having about one hour of rest before going to bed. I haven't watch TV in almost a week.

I've talked to B, but there's been no drama. He's looking for a job. He has a new roommate, "A". I've known "A" for many years. I like "A", but-- I am assuming A uses, or has used. A was at my home two nights ago, when he brought B to our home to pick up some insulin. I looked right at A and my son and said, "you two are either going to be one another's undoing-- or, I pray, you two will stay sober together.

I do not think my son is in danger. It's just a feeling. I think he's laying very low and I pray that he is finally free of the crazy people who were in their life. They are all in rehab, to avoid jail time.

That's all I have to say. I still don't have one Christmas decoration unpacked. Three more days, and I'm on my two week Winter Break vacation.

I pray, every morning, for all of us-- we family of bloggers. Every morning, without fail... I pray for the Alex's and Keven's and so many of you.

I'm literally taking each day, one day at a time-- in faith and in prayer.

I am trying to breath, and not allow my son's crazy life to become my own.

Thank you, for you private emails and support. I'm sorry I haven't answered back. This early darkness is giving me the blues. Speaking of...it's past my bedtime!


Barbara aka Layla said...

Only three days till two weeks off! I hope that you get to rest, relax, cook up a storm and enjoy some time off.

Its good to hear that no new drama has surfaced, lets hope A and B are good for each other!

Thank you so much for your prayers, I pray for all of us every day too. One day at a time is all we can do, if I think of the future (keven having freedom again) I will worry myself silly...so I just don't think about it!

Madison said...

Sometimes that quiet feels like the eye of a hurricane passing overhead.

Fractalmom said...

another blogger friend of ours posted an incredibly smart post two days ago.

here it is.


if I was going to recommend a post to read, it would be this one.

clean and crazy said...

so in three days you can put your Christmas up, it might make you feel better.
prayers for peace and sanity. by the way you are amazing and wonderful.

Mom of Opiate Addict said...

I agree with the post from Fractalmom, great post from our fellow blogger.

Dad and Mom said...

48 hrs????

We have been there. Isn't amazing that you can pray for and appreciate 48 hrs.

Keep the faith Debby, be strong.

Cheri said...


Keep on keeping on.

In our prayers,
Cheri and Wayne

Angelo said...

"you two are either going to be one another's undoing-- or, I pray, you two will stay sober together.

You amaze me with your knowledge about this disease. There were probable no more truer words then those above at that time. I really hope you have a happy Christmas or I should say a uneventful one. Hopefully B will be drinking his methadone and get some clean time under his belt and a few weeks of normalcy and like it. In return I hope he gets on a maitenance dose because after his detox is over the obsession to use will return with a vengence. I just hope he is truely sick and tired of being sick and tired and with no job right now I really believe he is ready.


Anonymous said...

I pray for you too.