Friday, October 31, 2008

I left my heart in San Francisco

B called me just a short while ago. I still haven't seen him since Sunday, October 12th. At that time, he looked bad. Anyway... he says that he met a woman in the treatment center and that she has offered for him to live at her place rent free. All he has to do is contribute towards groceries. That's all that I know, because his phone doesn't work right, and it keeps cutting off his calls.

He said, emphatically, that he "just can't stay here". That makes me sad, but he is right.

I asked him when this would happen and he said "tonight". Yikes. So, I offered for him to stay with me tonight. I'm making dinner, anyway. I told him that since it's his birthday tomorrow, we could do something and then I'd take him to San Francisco.

So, that's where we stand, at this time. His phone cut us off, so we shall see.

That's all that I know. For now.

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