Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My God is an Awesome God

B called me right before my lunch break. He sounded depressed and said that he was not feeling well. He was out of subutex and said he was "feigning" to use heroin. For the first time, I began to feel panic. That's what addiction does to those who love the addict-- it tears us to pieces. B said that there still wasn't a bed available for him.

I took my lunch break a few minutes early, and I called his treatment center. On the first ring, the man I knew answered the phone. A bed had just become available! He said he'd call me within an hour if they could take B in for detox. The call came, and he was "in".

I got a call at 4:15pm that his friend had dropped B off at the treatment center. What a relief! I was told he'll be there for 5-7 days. The goal is to get B's poison out of his system and to wean him off subutex, completely.

I am very proud that B made the decision to go in, and that he checked himself in. I told him that I was not going to visit him, on Sunday, unless he wanted me to. He responded that he didn't think that would be necessary. I also told him I was not going to call him. If he wanted to talk to me, he knew how to get hold of me.

The rest of the day, I could only thank Jesus over and over again. I still marvel at God's grace and mercy on me, and on B. I am so thankful that he is getting the help that he needs. He'll be immersed into the 12-steps again, going to group and individual counseling.

I pray that, this time, B will have his system cleaned out and that he will serious and that he will take the fragile state of his sobriety with a lot more care.

One day at a time...

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