Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My son is living the life of Job

Sometimes I feel like if there was no such thing as bad luck, I wouldn't have any at all... actually, I should say that I used to feel that way. A few years ago, I read the book of Job in it's entirety, and I really reflected on what it means to praise God, despite the troubles we have in our life. From reading the story of Job, and all of the terrible things that happened to him-- and how God restored his life, I better understand how God will restore our lives-- in His time, and if we remain faithful in trusting Him. I have learned the meaning of "God has a plan for us", because my life was restored, after years of heartbreak, bankruptcy and so many frightening episodes of "life".

  • I say this, because my son is having a really bad stroke of bad things happening.
  • Two years ago, he was carjacked and his truck was totaled.
  • In May of this year, a girl hit him on the freeway. His car was not damaged, but she is now claiming bodily injury-- months later. He is not at fault.
  • In June, he caused a three-car accident and his car was totaled. This time, it was his fault because he rear-ended a car in commuter traffic in the Bay Area. His father found an identical car to replace it-- the insurance money was less than $4000.00.

Today, B was broad-sided by an 86 year old man, and it appears his "new" car is totalled. B is okay, though he says his back hurts. This happened just a few hours ago.

My son is really bummed. He said to me "I think that God is trying to get my attention".

I don't call this Kharma. Perhaps it is God's way of trying to get our attention when bad things happen. Then again, I think that when bad things happen, it's not that God orchestrates the bad event in how it unfolds. At times, I think it's more than we go about doing things in our life, without asking God for guidance, wisdom and direction. So, (and this is what I do believe) God just waits for our consequences to happen-- and that's when I think he is waiting for us to look "up" and realize that we need to pay attention-- to God's will.

I have no idea why my son has been involved in so many car accidents. I can only thank God that each and every time my son has been mercifully spared of severe injury or death.

At least my son has been hanging out at my house, reading and taking care of doctor visits that he has long neglected. So far, he appears to not be under the influence of any kind of drugs.

Honestly, I sometimes feel as though my son is one drama, after another, waiting to happen.

So, we shall see what the outcome is with his car. Hopefully, it is not totaled and it can be repaired.


Thank you, Lord, for sparing my son of physical harm.

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