Thursday, January 22, 2009

The vigil begins-- B has relapsed and he's a mess

My son is incoherently passed out in his room. He has swallowed a lot of his clonazepam and taken a bottle of his cough meds. He is sick with bronchitis and strep throat.

I found an 80mg Oxy in his wallet and crumpled black tar foil, a straw and a bottle of urine. That explains how he's passed his drug tests with us. He drank the entire bottle of cough syrup he was prescribed. It had codeine in it. Obviously, he did not tell the pharmacist.

He's been using for a month. His friend told me, because he's been using, too.

We have moved his car so that he cannot drive. Tonight. I sleep with one eye open. I am checking ihs breathing and pulse. He's okay, but totally out of it. When he does get up, he is completely incoherent. I went through his entire cellphone and called key people. It is confirmed, that he's been using.

I am in shock. It is so surreal. Obviously, he has to go into rehab.

I can't write anymore, for now.

Please, pray for us.

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Felicia Afifi said...

My heart cries for you and your family. I am sending my prayers to you and to Brian and of course Craig. I actually have no idea what to are so strong and I know that your strength will somehow leak over to your son..

Take care.