Friday, March 5, 2010

A Prayer for Help and Gratitude from B's Mom

Heavenly Father,

I thank you, every day, that my son is alive. Thank you, God, that despite my son's drug addiction and his troubles that you have helped us to grow closer. I lift up my son, in prayer, because he life is still filled with turmoil. My heart is heavy that B is still unable to get health insurance. Father, I pray you will move in the hearts of people who can fix the medical insurance problem. I pray that my son will get Medi-Cal, so that he can have care of his diabetes, his addiction and to help with his dental work. I pray for my son's physical pain in his tooth. Father, I pray that you will give my son the confidence to listen to my advice. You know what it is. 

I also pray for my son's living situation. I pray that his friend "A" will come to admit that he is so heavily addicted to heroin, that he will want to be set free. Lord,I pray for A to get the help that he needs. I pray that you will shake his world in such a way, that his family and girlfriend will no longer enable his addiction. Show them the truth, Father.  Yet, I thank you for showing my son a mirror image of what his behavior was--not that long ago. I pray that my son will continue to be repulsed and angry with A's out of control drug use.

I pray that you will help my son to know what he needs to do. Please, Father, give him the courage to make a change. Set him free of that lease and I pray you will find a place where he can live. 

I also pray that my son will find a better job. I pray for his boss, that my son will not become bitter against the way he is being treated. 

I pray that B's car can be fixed. He is feeling such despair at this.

Above all, Father, I pray that you will fill my son's heart with your presence. He feels so frustrated, and so discouraged. I pray that my son will put his trust in you, and not be in bondage to fear and worry. My son is under spiritual attack. I pray for your blessings to come into his life, and that he will find hope.

Thank you, God, that my son is not using drugs. I continue to place my hope and trust in you. I pray that you will give me a sense of calm, that my stress will no longer manifest in severe headaches.
I am under my own stress, but I continue to cry out to you to be my rock.
I pray that you will help me to become a Godly mother of courage. 

I pray for those families who are feeling so helpless. I pray for addicts who feel hopeless.

You are our God of Hope. Thank you for your grace and mercy on my son, on me and in my marriage.
I pray for peace and clarity, in Jesus Name.


Tom at Recovery Helpdesk said...

That was a beautiful prayer. And I prayed it with you as I read it.

Heather's Mom said...

What a beautiful prayer! After I read it, I re-read it praying it with you and changed "my son" to B! And prayed the parts for you too. When I started, there were no comments, as I went to write this, Tom's came up, I think that maybe we were praying it at the same time from across the country... when two or more... Thank you for sharing it!
God bless.

Sherry said...


Barbara said...

Amen, sweetie!

Cheri said...

Joining you, Debby, and the others, in this beautiful prayer for your son and their children too.

In Him,