Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happier Days

Today, I am feeling hopeful.

I spoke with B, last night. He was at his foster family's house. B sounded happy on the phone. He got a job! It's a starter job, but it's a job-- and for that, I am happy. It's a part-time job, but that's okay. That will give him the hours he needs to search for "The" job and to attend daily meetings.

He sounded a little sad, when he told me that a "friend" of his (from our hometown) recently died from an overdose of oxycontin. His friend was discovered by his girlfriend in bed, and he just turned blue and he died. I've read a lot of stories about this kind of death from oxycontin. I recently read that Heath Ledger's death was caused by a cocktail of drugs that are very similar to the prescribed drugs that a "nimrod" doctor had prescribed to my son. B and I talked about it, briefly, and I told him how sorry I was to hear that. We both agreed how lucky that my son is to be alive.

B changed the subject and he asked if I'd give him so of my old kitchen utensils for the kitchen at his new home. Yes!! Those of you who know me, personally, are aware that I am a foodie in my own kitchen. I love to cook, and there are few recipes that I'm not willing to try. I have, over the last few years, kept my old cookware in storage as I slowly began to upgrade my kitchen tools. I will pass these on to my son-- he gets my George Foreman grill, my "set it and forget it" countertop rotisserie grill and an assortment of pots and knives. I can, now, pretend that he is going off to college and he needs mom's help to set him up. I'm going to take him to Trader Joe's to buy him some simple pantry items to make easy bachelor style meals. Plus, they have a lot of frozen meals that aren't loaded with nasty ingredients.

I'll bake my boy some cookies, because that's what mother's do. If I get a batch of chili made, I'll freeze a few portions for him to make at his own place. Maybe I can bring him a small peace of my home to his...

So, I'm driving up to see him on Saturday. My husband won't go with me, so I'm not thrilled about the 4 hour round trip drive by myself. At least, I have my iPod that's loaded with audio books.

For the first time in many days, I actually slept through the night.

I am praying that my son is on his way to discovering his independence as any young man should. He won't be making enough money to support the lifestyle that he's been used to, but I am praying that he will take personal pride in providing for himself. I am hearing good things about my son-- that he is going to meetings faithfully, that he looks good and that he really wants to stay clean.

These are all encouraging words for me to hear.

So, that's my thought for the day. I am hopeful and encouraged. I thank God for His blessings on my son, my life and that I am happy.


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Goldie said...

I am so glad that your son got a job, Debby. I think this is a huge step for your son. I am so thrilled to hear this. . This sounds encouraging news and I hope that it continues. I am still praying for you and your son. I wish you and your son all the best. Goldie.