Monday, May 5, 2008

Fraternity House

I just got a phone call from my BFF. B is now a resident of a new address. He has moved into an SLE that she described as looking like a fraternity house. She says that it' s a 100 year old Victorian home that looks like it could use some sprucing up. The first thing she noticed was the Serenity Prayer was posted when you first walk into the front door. B's room is on the third floor, in what looks like an attic room. He is sharing the room with a former meth addict-- a man who looks like a construction worker, and appears to be in his thirties. This guy has lived in the house for a while. My 6'3 son will sleep in a twin-sized bed...I can visualize his long legs hanging over the edge.

B has an HDTV that he just loves. Somehow he, and a friend, hauled that monster to his third floor room. My BFF says that his roommate already has a plasma TV mounted on the wall!!

Anyway, she said that B hurriedly set things in the room and was anxious to race off to a Nar-Anon meeting with his friends.

So...this is it. B is spending his first night on his own... a place that neither of his parents lives in.

I talked to my son, briefly today. He sounded in good spirits. He put together a budget on what his expenses are-- including paying his own car and medical insurance. It's do-able, but he'll certainly learn that the perks he's used to will be a thing of the past.

I hope that my son uses his new "budgeted" lifestyle the way that I did-- I found myself, a divorced mom with no alimony nor child support and I made things happen. I didn't mope or act like I was poor. I simply learned to cook on a budget, and I hung out more at home. I had a few creature comforts-- a TV, cable, kitchen supplies and food in the pantry. It was a challenge, but it taught me how to survive.

I wish that for my son-- most importantly, I pray that he will be safe walking to and from his new home. I pray that he will enjoy how close he is to his treatment center and that he will make lots of new friends. I pray that the fellow addicts he meets are those who are living a clean an sober lifestyle. I pray that these more mature housemates he will live with are willing to take my son under their wing-- and to encourage him to keep going to meetings and to work the 12-Step program.

I hope to see my son for Mother's Day. I would love to hug him, and see his beautiful hazel eyes and long lashes... bright and shiny. I'd love to hear him speak clearly, without drug-induced slur of his voice and half closed eyes.

Sleep well, my precious boy. May God watch over you, protect you and keep you from the Enemy.

I love you.


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