Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday update on B

I'm feeling pretty tired and worn out. I wanted to write about something totally different, but it will have to wait.

My BFF finds my son to be totally amusing. He is! He's very funny, loves to chat and he is very well-mannered. For that, I am truly thankful.

B is going to one or more meetings a day. He seems to have made a few friends who are living clean, like he is. "C" (who sponsors several people) says that this is healthy. Addicts, who are in the early stages of recovery need to go to 90 meetings in 90 days. It's good for him to have a "family" to encourage one another. He also thinks that he found a sponsor-- and it happens that "C" knows him!

B came to my friend's house, late in the evening (after a meeting) because she is always up quite late. He came to pick up a few things. He returned a short time later to say that he had been handcuffed and searched by the local police. My heart jumped--- but she explained that a car with dark tinted windows in a deserted parking lot makes the local cops very suspicious. B has illegally dark tinted windows, so she says that just asking the police to check it out. B explained that he went to McDonald's and he didn't know it was closed...that's when the cops pulled it and questioned him. Fortunately, he had nothing illegal in his car. It's a good thing that his father paid for a thorough detailing of his car. B asked for that, because he wanted to make sure that there were no "triggers" of any kind of paraphanalia or memories of his past drug use.

In a way, my BFF and I agree that this is a blessing. Hopefully, this will remind my son of the dangers of drug use. He agrees that it's time to remove the dark tinted windows...this is part of the drug culture, and he no longer needs to live that way.

B says that his roommate has sleep apnea, so he snored pretty loud at night.

I'm just thankful that B is in a house where he is subject to random drug testing. The house has a zero tolerance to drug or alcohol use. This is all a good way to encourage B to stay and live clean and sober.

"C" says that B is doing very, very well. He really believes that B wants to live his live free of drug abuse.

That makes me very, very happy. I sure hope to see him this Sunday...what a great Mother's Day that will be!


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