Thursday, May 15, 2008

Laugh, cry, scream or all of the above...

I didn't get much sleep, last night. I got home later than I should, but I was volunteering at the high school ministry for my church. It's hard for me to settle my mind from that, because I hear so many stories.

This morning, when I slugged my way to my desk (at 7:30am), I was not ready for my cellphone ringing. It was my ex-husband. Should I answer? I almost didn't, but at the last moment, I did-- and he greeted me with "has B called you, yet".

I dread those words. What now, I wonder...

B got his car towed, last night. He was in The Big City, and he learned a costly mistake. I had a feeling that B's dad wanted me to help him. All I responded was to call his "Foster Parent". These are the fine guardian angels, who are guiding my son without enabling him.

My anger is directed at B's costly mistake that caused his car to be towed. I'm annoyed that B was dumb enough to leave his wallet and his insulin in the car. What??? How dumb and irresponsible is that?!

A zillion thoughts went through my head-- I can't even write some of them down, or I'll get all worked up again.

I stewed, and fretted-- but my husband reminded me to "let go, let God" and do NOT enable him.

Sure enough-- his father deposited $400.00 into his bank account. A short while later, I see that $281.50 was paid to the parking garage.

The only good thing that B (hopefully) got out of this-- large cities don't mess around with illegal parking. The times posted aren't suggestions-- they are law. The towing companies are like sharks, roaming around waiting to prey on a person's loss of time. Bam! The ticket costs a fortune.

Once again, B's father has enabled our son.

What can I do?

Let go...let God.

(and scream a little inside my head, but love him anyway)

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