Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Heartbreaking development

I just talked to my son. I'm still shaking and feeling very shocked, so I am going to keep this blog short and to the point:

B's sponsor owns a carpet cleaning business, so he came to shampoo the carpets at B's new home. The lease holder of the house, I will call "L" got mad at B's sponsor over something really stupid (not the sponsor's fault) and "L" went off at him. From what I heard, it got ugly.

The next day, "L" got mad at my son and the nice other roommate-- Allen. "L" told my son and his friend to get the F--- out of his g--d--- house. This was because my son moved "L"s laundry out of the way so he could use the washer. My son found "L" beer bottles, and it appears that he's gone back to being a mean drunk.

The rent check was cashed on Monday. Obviously, I will seek reimbursement through small claims. In the meantime, my son and Allen are trying to figure out what to do.

I will try and update as I learn things.

I'm so bummed for my son. I had such high hopes. But, in all ways of life, there is a lesson in this. My son has learned how fragile sobriety is. He is really bummed, but I'm glad that he has Allen with him. The two of them are trying to figure something out. B has been offered to stay at his sponsor's house, until they figure it out.

May God please send all of us wisdom. I pray for "L" that he will go back into detox for his alcohol addiction.

I'm bummed for my son, but this shall pass.


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