Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Sunday in San Francisco

I will share more of my adventures with B, and our day in San Francisco, when I have more time to summarize what's going on with him.

For now, he's living in a nice apartment in San Francisco. It's in a good area, where I feel safe walking around. He's not too far from Union Square and close to the Nob Hill area. It's a very small apartment, but it's cute and kept clean. A woman, and her adult daughter, are graciously letting B stay with them. B knows the mother from his treatment center. She has 15 years of sobriety, but she relapsed a few months ago. B's "plan" is to go to daily meetings with her as an outpatient at his treatment center. It sounds good.

I am guardedly optimistic about this. B is saying all the right things. Now, will he "do" them?

I need to sort my thoughts on, and I will blog about them when I have some peace and quiet.


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