Friday, October 16, 2009

He is trying

Today is my last day of vacation. B called me, last night, asking if I would mind giving him a ride to work. He has been getting up at 5am to walk over an hour to work. I said "yes", since I've been sleeping in all week and I need to get my brain back into early wake-ups.

My son was very thankful, as I handed him a cup of coffee and a breakfast roll. It was dark and very foggy. I struggled to see the road-- and I was thankful my son wasn't walking in the darkness.

I have to commend my son that he is working seven days a week and walking to work. If my son was using, to the degree that he was, this would not be happening.

Thank you, God. My son is putting his best foot forward. He is going to work on time, and he seems to be growing into a man.

Thank you, Madison, for a lovely comment that touched my heart. You are an amazing woman:

Yes, some families (not that many) seem to be so blessed with wisdom and favor that they never have to live through much of anything. But, for the rest of us, we get to lean on a loving God's strength to help us live in peace. We get to believe that the biggest flakes in the world will grow to become the amazing people they were born to be. All mistakes forgiven. Walking miracles. We get to believe before we see. Have a very blessed day.

My life is blessed,


Prayer Girl said...

What gratitude there is for each single day a loved one is doing the next right thing.

Staying in one-day-at-a-time allows me to savor those good days...mine and the other person's.


Madison said...

Somehow addiction has given us the gift of moments in time that we surely would have missed in the middle of hectic lives. I can feel how cool it is to hand your son a breakfast roll on his way to work.

Cheri said...

Praising our Lord with you for B's positive progress!


Angelo said...



Anonymous said...

I'm glad B is still working and getting to work. It seems like he is putting some good effort into his life.