Friday, October 23, 2009

A prayer for my son as I wait to hear from him

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your grace and for your mercy with my son. You know that my heart is heavy, having not heard from my son.  I pray that my son's lack of calling me is all of your divine plan for him. I pray that my son is breaking away from me, and that he is learning to take care of his obligations without my interference.
I confess to you that, at times, I feel anxiety and fear for my son's safety. But, I give that back to you, Lord, at the cross I lay all of my worry. For if I worry, then I am telling you that I don't trust you.

I pray for the families of addicts and lift them up to you. I pray that you would encourage their hearts, qualm their fears and reveal yourself to them-- that they would know that you are our Almighty God and that nothing is impossible for you.

I pray for Lynn, who found my blog and is reaching our for support from those of us who share an addict in our family. May you comfort her, guide her and hear her prayers.  I pray that you will bless my blog as a ministry and a conduit for your glory, Father.

I ask that you would put it into my son's heart, to send me a message that will be good news. I pray that my son, right now, is sober and that he is longing to reconnect with you. I pray that my son is feeling the peace and joy that only our Lord, Jesus can give us when we are most afraid.

Thank you, Father, for blessing my life-- with my husband, my friends, my blog supporters and my church.

I pray these things, in Jesus Name.



Barbara(aka Layla) said...


Madison said...

That's beautiful. Debby, it has been a blessing to follow your blog and sense how you are moving from fear to faith. Amen to all your prayer.

Cheri said...


Sending you a heartfelt thanks for sharing your beautiful prayer with all of us. Wayne and I join you, praying in agreement with all you have said.

There is power in our prayers, for when two or more of us are gathered together (and I think cyberspace counts as gathering together) and we pray in agreement, asking anything in God's will and in the sweet name of Jesus, the Word promises us that He hears our prayer and that He will answer it.

It is His will that all men and women find their way to peace, freedom, and salvation in Christ, so we can rest in this prayer for B, for Lynn and her son Ryan, and for each and every one of us that He has so graciously connected here in this blogosphere.

God bless you,

ChaiLatte said...

Sending prayers and hugs to you Debby. Thank you for your recent comment- I agree, we must get together! I think my work schedule is more flexible than yours, so give me a call when you have some free time. Thinking of you and your family. May we all feel God's loving arms around us as we continue on our journeys... Love, C

Susan said...

Wow. As a recovering opiate addict, this prayer really touched my heart.
I pray you'll find serenity and strength. I pray your son finds healing and hope.

Anonymous said...

God sent me to this site. Alleluia!! My baby of my family is 27 and highly addicted to heroin. 2 weeks ago I found him blue, not breathing my my kitchen floor. It was about 2 a.m. and all I know is that I was downstairs and happen to see him. God took me there. The medics said he seconds away from dying when they resussitated. Anohter night following that again I just got up and went downstairs there he was agin passed out on the floor.
We took him to an Addiction Medical Dr and pay hundreds and got him on meds.
Today I came home and to my horror he was gone and my heart sank, because aI know where he went.
I also have another son and daughter with the same disease.
I could any day lose all 3 of my children from something they allowed Satan to enter their minds.
Please I beg of every one here to pray that no mother should experience this indelible pain from holding your child's life less body on their kitchen floor.
I give thanks and praise to God for saving his life.
Please pray for complete healing of this disease that my children are afflicted with.
God Bless you all.
I know the pain of every mother's story I read and they will be in my prayers.